When the services we use every day change their rules, we should be the first ones to know.

Open Terms Archive records every change to the terms of digital services. Our community analyses these changes, shifting the power balance against big tech.

How it works

1. Identification

The contractual documents of an online service are listed for tracking by volunteer contributors.

2. Archival

Several times a day, our robots download and publicly archive the listed documents.

3. Detection

When changes are spotted, they are recorded and exposed.

4. Publishing

All recorded versions are published in an easy-to-analyse dataset.

Make use of the Open Terms Archive data

Discover interesting changes

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Follow the changes of a specific document

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Explore the history of any document

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The Open Terms Archive community builds tools to shift the power balance against big tech.

Contributive Digital Common

Open Terms Archive is free and open source software. Any entity can reuse and build upon it, as long as it shares its improvements with the community. The product is built collaboratively by all those who use and contribute to it.