OpenAI enables transfer of control of non-European accounts to their employer

OpenAI ▪ Privacy Policy ▪ November 13, 2023

OpenAI stated that starting on December 14, 2023, they would notify organisations (e.g. employers) about individual accounts created with organisational email addresses. This notification allows to transfer these individual accounts to business accounts, under which organisations have access to all inputs and outputs of their generative AI services and control over the individual accounts.

OpenAI also specified the set of information that they can share with third parties, such as identifiers, geolocation, network activity and commercial information for law enforcement purposes. It also specified collecting users’ personal information provided for the participation to events or for identification and clarified that they could use this data to invite users to events and inform them about services

These changes do not apply to users from the European Economic Area, Switzerland and the UK, for whom the prior Privacy Policy continues to apply.

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